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The Company

With roots dating back to 1974, BP Sales is an award-winning, professional sales firm covering Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana with excellent technical capabilities and an abundance of long-term C- and D-level executive relationships.

Dedicated to the constant evolution necessary to meet our market’s needs, over the last decade we embarked on a mission to diversify our focus from component-only strategy, to higher levels of system integration. Culminating in 2016, we have evolved into one of a handful of rep firms narrowly focused on Single Board Computer, compute module, LCD, and connectivity solutions for a broad range of industries from Embedded to IoT, to Communications, to Datacenters.

As part of our strategy, we maintain a focused portfolio of highly technical firms and judge success as providing solid and responsive solutions to both our customers' and manufacturers'.

We also have related independent operations in Mexico and Brazil, both which respond to their markets’ unique needs through their own strategy and product direction.

Embedded Systems. Intelligent Solutions, Manufacturers' Reps, Systems and sub-systems, Technology Systems